LPG is a convenient and popular energy source, enjoyed in homes and as a great portable option.

As with all sources of energy, you should take care and use it safely and responsibly. Precaution is the safest way to avoid any incident caused by your gas cylinder or gas installation. Some precautionary safe tips are described below:

  • Make sure that the area around your cylinder or tank is clean and away from any flammable materials.
  • Prefer to store your cylinder outside your home.
  • Before you connect your cylinder to the stove or heater make sure that the safety cup is on the cylinder's valve and it is intact.  

Using LPG Safely

LPG does not have a colour, taste or odor. A special odorant is added to help you identify gas leaks. Special eguipment like gas detectors, automatic shut down valves, etc. provides greater protection to the gas installation. In case of leakage take the following safety steps: Turn off any stove burners that might be forgotten on Open all windows and doors Don't light a match, lighter or any other source of open flame Don't smoke Don't use any electrical appliances or mobiles and don't switch on any lights